10 features used in an Excel list paste

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Paste special commands appear in most applications in the office, but may use an Excel list using this command is from the most basic use function, which is the choice of paste – users can be different C shows a task usually with some more complicated problems. Of course, these programs are easy to implement, you can use more than once before, they found.

The synthesis of expensive Microsoft keyboard shortcuts in an Excel list

In 2007 and 2010 a list of Excel and paste lie in the home clipboard card. In 2003 an Excel list, edit the paste special menu. For those who often use shortcut keys, we have a card in the end, including these shortcuts to perform common operations.

1. Copy column width:

When copying the data to a new column, the length of the column will be automatically adjusted to fit the new value. Only one additional stimulus, you can copy the original width of the column to column target.

Select the need to copy the data, and then press the [Ctrl] + C to copy values to select Clipboard.

Select a cell in the destination column.

Select the home in the RAID card, a select group of paste clipboard and widths source column. This option will require one more step, when you use an Excel list to choose from the menu 2007: paste special format – pastedown. Secondly, in the choice of target and attack the widths in the paste column.

The original data to copy an Excel list and the cell width of the column on the target.

Copy column width

2. Perform the calculation:

Users can use the paste to add, subtract, and share. You only need to fill in the numbers, press [Ctrl] + C. Then, select the options you want to change the value of just a few fields and grateful to the clipboard paste special group. In the window of the results, in the calculation, according to OK. To perform an action corresponding to an Excel list will use the new value is copied to the clipboard.

The user can also achieve more value. Using the same process, in a sequence, but the copy of the value instead of a copy in an Excel list does not pay attention to, if there is not enough size, it performs the calculation according to the order is COPY.

3. Data transformation:

Provide the user transfer characteristics of an Excel list, but sometimes paste especially when performing a faster method. Select the data and execute according to the ng n action:

According to [Ctrl] + C copy to clipboard data.

Select the top left line target.

A RAID card (if needed) and transpose from the menu to select the format – pastedown.

This is the user needs to do. Now, you can copy a data line and a counter.

4. With the calculation results of the replacement formula:

Sometimes, the user may want to replace the formula of practical value. For example, you want to change a Rand () function and the value of it, but don’t let the automatic calculation formula. This is a common feature of paste. To copy the value formula, perform the following actions:

Select a sequence according to the formula [Ctrl] + C.

Clipboard in the start menu, paste format – down.

Select value.

Execute this formula to replace you to their real value. Using this method, you may want to backup job, just in case.

Replace the calculation results with the formula

Procedures for the use of the mouse to perform tasks.

Select the block.

In the rat sequence and string to a column (or row).

Back to the source sequence selection. This will make the shortcut button to display a list of Excel menu, do not need to switch the selected value.

Copy the selection here as the only value.

5. Copy format:

Most of us use the format to format the artist copy to the other driver or from the umbrella shop to another. However, when using the Format Painter a little inconvenient and the whole column or row. It is used in special paste